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EZPull is a flexible and scalable Clay Target control system. EZPull offers integrated solutions to any clay target shooting environment. There are EZPull products for all clay target sports: Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand, etc. All system components are wireless. In addition to simple manual release, EZPull offers optional voice release for Trap, Skeet and, Sporting Clays.

EZPull systems are available in two main configurations:

·       Personal – wireless remote directly controls receivers connected to trap machines. This configuration is suitable for individuals and small gun clubs that are only interested in quality wireless release systems and do not need target inventory control.

·       Professional - Remote controllers wirelessly “talk” to EZPull Target Manager. Target Manager checks for available targets on a secure wireless RFID card. If targets are available, Target Manager wirelessly communicates with receivers controlling the Trap machines to throw the target(s). This configuration is suitable for gun clubs interested in the savings and increased profitability associated with a Pay & Play target control system to account for paid and used targets and completely eliminate target wasting and poaching.

EZPull features:

·   Rugged reliable design. No wires to break.

·   Simple to operate and install.

·   Long battery life with automatic power management.

·   Short release delay - targets are released in less than 1/10th of a second from pressing a key.

·   Long distance, over 200 yards.

·   Optional Voice Release configurations offer consistent target release.




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